Chrono Therapeutics

Beyond medicine

Effective care of the most hard-to-treat conditions requires approaches beyond simply taking medicine.  Chrono is transforming how medicine is delivered and how people achieve their health goals through the convergence of optimized drug delivery, embedded sensor technology to monitor compliance, and connected and personalized behavioral support. 




Chrono's first product takes on the global problem of smoking. 5 million people will die of smoking this year. Research shows nicotine may be as addictive as heroin, cocaine or alcohol, and most smokers try to quit 8-10 times. Current medications and programs to quit smoking aren't getting the job done.  

70% of smokers want to quit. We're here to help



Introducing the Chrono Solution 

The world's first personal smoking cessation therapy


Successfully quitting smoking comes down to understanding, managing, and ultimately overcoming cravings - cravings caused by the addiction to nicotine itself as well as those caused by everyday triggers like stress, being around other smokers, or simply having a cup of coffee.


Chrono's solution revolutionizes how people quit through medication timed to their cravings and proactive, real-time coaching just when help is needed the most.  


Optimized drug delivery

The delivery of nicotine replacement therapy (the medication to help smokers quit) is timed to when smokers have their strongest cravings. Chrono's solution is the only product that begins delivering NRT before the smoker wakes up to address the severe morning cravings that most smokers experience. Our approach allows smokers to focus on the transition to becoming ex-smokers instead of on the unpleasant symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

Convenient & discreet

Nicotine replacement therapy is delivered through the skin, without needles or injection, via a wearable pod that can be worn anywhere on the body. Simple, lightweight, and comfortable, the pod discreetly delivers the necessary medication to help smokers quit.


Monitoring to increase compliance


Embedded with sensors and Bluetooth, the wearable pod monitors the smoker's use of the medication and securely transmits data to the program's digital coaching application. The coaching application displays usage and progress data to the users and proactively reminds them to stay on track through the program until they're nicotine free.

Connected & personal coaching

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The program's coaching application receives data from the wearable pod and uses that information to tailor the timing and content of coaching and motivational support to each user's needs. The app proactively reaches out to the user with evidence-based exercises for managing cravings and staying quit, so support is timed to when help is needed the most.