Introducing SmartStop

The world’s first programmable and wearable smoking cessation therapy.




SmartStop leverages algorithms to anticipate and preempt powerful nicotine cravings, delivering medication just when it's needed most.



SmartStop provides individual digital coaching support to manage the personal, emotional and behavioral aspects of quitting.



SmartStop matches medication and behavioral support to smokers' daily rhythms and adapts as needs change.

SmartStop is

Synchronized with Cravings.


SmartStop anticipates when cravings will occur and provides a higher dose of nicotine when cravings are strongest, and a lower dose when cravings aren't as strong.


Smoking cessation experts have long emphasized the importance of compliance with nicotine replacement products to help people quit smoking. Numerous studies have shown that “do-it-yourself” combination NRT therapy (e.g. using nicotine patch plus nicotine gum) is not conducive for long-term compliance. Automatic NRT dosing takes away the reliance and burden on remembering the right combination of medication.


Personalized and Responsive.


SmartStop includes proactive digital coaching to equip smokers with personally relevant skills and strategies to help them quit for good.


SmartStop users also have access to the SmartStop digital coaching program, which provides real-time guidance to help smokers cope with cravings as well as a means for promoting compliance to both the NRT regimen and the overall quit process.


Comfortable and Versatile.


SmartStop can be worn in several different locations to match each smoker's preferences and routines.


The SmartStop medication delivery system is worn on the body and designed for comfort and durability. Most smokers have cravings around the same time each day, whether it’s first thing in the morning, right after lunch or sometime in the evening. SmartStop predicts these cravings and works by safely releasing nicotine through the skin at separate times during the day when most cravings are likely to strike, something other forms of nicotine replacement therapy simply cannot do.


A Unique Delivery Method.


Proactive, automated and tailored medication delivery can increase efficacy.


Smokers have peak cravings at the same times each day. Therefore, it is possible to predict when smokers need the most support from nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and when they could manage with less. SmartStop™ seamlessly varies nicotine delivery throughout the day based on craving patterns, providing sustained peak levels when cravings are predictably highest and lower (maintenance) levels when cravings are predictably lowest. Scientific evidence show that automated and individualized NRT delivery can increase efficacy.