Integrated, Tailored
Transdermal Therapeutics

Chrono Therapeutics is focused on improving clinical outcomes for patients battling addictions and living with neurological disorders via our proprietary Integrated Dosing Solution, pioneering a new era of transdermal drug delivery designed to meet each patient's individual needs.

fully Integrated

We integrate timed drug delivery with personalized, mobile-phone-based digital support and unique data analytics to maximize compliance, help patients manage hard to treat conditions and optimize clinical outcomes.

specifically tailored

Our transdermal system provides the right amount of drug at the right time to maximize a drug's effectiveness. In contrast, standard medication patches deliver an inflexible dosing profile, regardless of when an individual patient may or may not need medication.


Integrated Dosing Solution:
Four Technologies,
One Solution


Transdermal drug delivery has significant benefits over oral medications.

Benefits include no GI absorption or drug-food interactions, no liver metabolism, as well as better and more accurate compliance with less chance of incorrect dosing.

We build on these benefits by first adding programmable dosing customized to the disorder, so medication is timed to peak symptoms and reduced when not needed. Three additional technologies – compliance monitoring to catch lapses before they become a problem, behavioral support to keep people on track towards their goal, and data analytics to understand patterns  – are added to uniquely converge four technologies in order to optimize outcomes.


Timed Drug Delivery

Standard medication patches deliver an inflexible daily dosing profile. But for many indications, patients need a customized dosing profile, with just the right amount of medication at specific times throughout the day. This is where Chrono excels.

When transdermal medication is optimally tuned to a patient's needs, patients manage when and how much medication they receive to optimally control their condition.

Dosing Chart

Behavioral Support

Based on cutting-edge behavior change science (Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and developed with leading experts from top institutions, our mobile app ensures people stay on track. Our behavioral support comprises four aspects:

Proactive Reminders
A robust notification engine makes sure we reach people at just the right time with the right triggers to take action.

Clinically Tested Education
Our curriculums are developed with recognized experts and tailored to our patients' needs and education levels.

Just-in-Time Help
Our wearable button provides an immediate and convenient way to trigger help on the mobile application, reducing relapse.

Personalized Motivators
Understanding and leveraging a patient's unique motivators and support network is what drives successful outcomes.


Compliance Monitoring and Assistance

We know that routines matter, so our solution is designed to fit into existing daily patterns, with simple adjustments needed only at bedtime. We believe that this emphasis on ease of use and sensitivity to established daily life may help improve compliance and potentially treatment outcomes.

As a safety net, embedded sensors and digital reminders are there to help people stay on track. The sensors can also be configured to alert a person's support network when someone needs extra support.


Data Analytics

To help patients progress, the system provides real-time analytical feedback. This includes content such as days used, circumstances around when the wearable help button is triggered, etc.

Aggregated de-identified data is delivered via a secure HIPAA compliant infrastructure, providing health systems with the potential to successfully administer treatments, programs and benefits. This means changing the nature of healthcare, and profoundly affecting a therapy's potential.


Therapeutic Pipeline:
Addressing Significant
Unmet Needs


We have multiple programs in active development that address significant market opportunities with unmet needs.

Each of our programs leverages medications that readily cross the skin. In addition to the programs currently in development, our discovery pipeline is robust, with a number of CNS indications under evaluation that would benefit from a therapeutic combined with behavioral and compliance support.


CTI-100: Nicotine cessation

Cigarettes and e-cigarettes are highly addictive, and are one of the world’s biggest preventable health challenges. Our first application delivers a complete 10-week, clinically tested nicotine cessation program to help people quit for good.

Nicotine Cessation

There are approximately 40 million smokers in the US and an estimated 1 billion smokers worldwide. Unfortunately, smoking comes with a steep cost: it kills 6 million people globally each year with nearly 500,000 of those in the US. Experts predict 1 billion people will die due to smoking in the 21st century.

In addition, 40% of graduating high schoolers report they have tried an e-cigratte at some point, with 20.8% having used an e-cigarette in the past 30 days. It is projected that there will be 55 million e-cigratte users by 2021.

Many people want to quit, and the annual smoking cessation market is valued at $3.5B and projected to grow by 20% over the next five years due to the introduction of e-cigarettes. In the US, it is estimated that there are nearly 20 million people each year who try to quit, many of whom try 8-11 times.

Current cessation products are not very effective. We think it's because they don't address the biggest challenges people face: cravings, which are the urge to smoke, and the lack of coordinated tools to overcome addiction.

We're taking a new approach. Our 10-week program pairs optimally timed dosing of nicotine replacement therapy to directly combat cravings with cutting-edge coordinated digital support to help address compliance and behavioral issues associated with the urge to inhale nicotine. Our nicotine cessation program is entering in Phase 3 development.

The First Nicotine Cessation Solution to Address Cravings

People typically have their strongest cravings first thing in the morning -- 75% of smokers have their first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking up -- yet there are no solutions on the market that help with this morning urge. Chrono is the first and only nicotine replacement therapy designed to address morning urges. Our Dosing Patch is worn overnight, does not interfere with sleep, and is programmed to deliver nicotine just before waking up, right when it's needed to reduce the morning craving.

Nicotine is also delivered at mid-day and early evening when metabolism around meal times increases and when social cues can create the urge for nicotine.

Our mobile app provides behavioral support in a variety of ways. It delivers a clinically-tested nicotine cessation curriculum as a set of weekly lessons and in-the-moment tips when cravings hit. It also provides insights and patterns to help quitters adjust daily strategies to stay on track.



CTI-200: Dyskinesia in Parkinson's Disease

Optimizing the timing and dosing of Parkinson’s Disease medications is absolutely essential to improving outcomes for patients. We are developing a novel integrated solution that delivers the right amount of medication at the right times to minimize off time and dyskinesias induced by chronic levodopa use, while simultaneously providing patient support and connectivity to caregivers and health care professionals.

Parkinson's Disease Dyskinesia

Parkinson's Disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder with over 10 million patients worldwide. This number is expected to double by 2030.

Most Parkinson's patients are treated with levodopa to control motor symptoms; however, 50% of Parkinson's patients suffer from Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesia (LID) within 5-10 years of the onset of treatment. LID is an orphan indication, for which we are developing a viable treatment option.

Animal models show that nicotine can reduce LID if delivered in a pulsatile manner. Our platform is designed to optimally deliver nicotine in a pulsatile manner.

Digital Support Provides a Complete Solution

Our Dosing Patch can integrate embedded sensors to monitor and record physical symptoms and events such as LIDs, gait morphology and falls. This permits personalized dose optimization driven by real-world data.

Additionally, our mobile app ensures that patients are compliant with their therapy by identifying when additional support might be needed and delivering it directly or alerting caregivers when their attention is required.



CTI-300: Prescription Opioid use Disorder

While opioids help many patients control pain, they are highly addictive and currently kill more than 115 Americans daily due to overdoses. We urgently need better ways to safely take and then stop taking pain medication. We are developing a novel approach to treating opioid dependence that helps patients take the right amount of drug to control withdrawal symptoms and successfully taper use.

Prescription Opioid Use Disorder

Helping people safely taper off opioid therapy is a significant unmet need and part of a growing healthcare crisis in the US.

Chrono's CTI-300 program is uniquely positioned to fill this need. Our solution is designed to address the most critical components that drive successful outcomes: gradual opioid tapering, as well as compliance and behavioral support.

Tapering is the Key to Successful Treatment

Slowly tapering off opioid therapy has been shown to be effective, but is not practical nor very successful with today's dose forms and methods. In contrast, CTI-300 is able to smoothly taper transdermal therapeutic agents to deal with opioid dependence. Over a defined program, our opioid tapering program is designed to minimize withdrawal complications and maximize successful outcomes.

Our proprietary dose delivery system can provide an asymptotic profile, meaning a quick beginning with an extended tail to support effective and gentle tapering and potential cessation of the opioid. This means that those dependent upon opioids to control pain can successfully treat their dependence without the stress and complication of properly dosing their drugs.

The digital nature of this tool is meaningful beyond the programmable drug doses. By offering behavioral and compliance support similar to those developed for CTI-100, our smoking cessation product, we can support people on many dimensions.